Milestone for Stiern Website

The online homepage of Walter Stiern Middle School today cracked a major milestone as the site,, recorded its 100,000th page view.
Launching in May of 2018, Stiern's homepage has served as a key hub in providing important support for students, parents, and educators.  In just two years, the site has become the go-to first stop for Stiern's educational apps, parent information, and important links to Bakersfield City School District resources.
The site transformed as a central starting point during distance learning, as staff developed virtual spaces, bringing such services as the library, a social-emotional self-care Calm Room, School Site Council, and Attendance Center to our campus community remotely.
Stiern's staff continues to develop and grow its homepage to include regular parts of campus culture, with resources and updates on its upcoming ASB elections and academic competitions soon to go live.
Visit and bookmark our homepage at to stay connected, and thank you to the entire Stiern community for helping us reach this milestone!
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